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PSA to Australian followers

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I may or may not have spent the last hour searching for a present to get myself heh x 

(min $50 spend)


do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

Haven’t been shopping in ages but I bought a few new things during my midsem break! My VFNO haul was limited to a LUSH ‘Honey I washed the kids’ soap to replace my dying chai latte soap, a red striped Portmans t-shirt and the above top from Sheike (I fell in love with the print and had to have it). Also got some free Instagram printouts and a great goodie bag from Dermalogica (cleansing gel, exfoliant, Toni&Guy sculpting powder and a free Moonlight Cinema pass). I also bought a drape front skirt from Glassons that I’m hoping can be pulled off for hospital wear and a black bandage skirt for casual/party outfits. Can’t wait for sunny spring weather to hit so I can pack away my wool jumpers and go team ankle boots with bare legs (my fave combo x). 


Know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

why does anesthetic sound so much like aesthetic? —by Anonymous

Well luckily for you Anon/Dom, I have harnessed the power of Google to answer your question. ‘Aesthetic’ is derived from the Greek word aisthētikos, which stems from the word aisthesthai (which means to perceive). ‘Anaesthetic’ has the prefix an-, which of course means without, while the second part of the word comes from the Greek word aisthēsis, which means sensation. 

My more genuine answer would probably be to stop being so obsessed with aesthetics (the word at least, not necessarily the philosophy). 


rosiest of all x

I am craving a perfect pair of blue, ripped boyfriend jeans


rosiest of all x

I am craving a perfect pair of blue, ripped boyfriend jeans

i love lemon sorbet, its the most aesthetically refreshing food —by Anonymous

It is very refreshing! My favourite sorbet flavour would probably be either mango or lychee though. I think I would also really enjoy a dragonfruit sorbet but I’ve never seen one offered.  

Gelato Messina Patisserie & Creative Department, Darlinghurst 

Apart from the medicine, the best part of my four-week community placement was its close proximity to Gelato Messina. And not just a regular old Messina, but the sole Messina creative department in Sydney.

Up top is ‘Packin’ Cones’, which was a fabulous dessert consisting of raspberry meringue, jam and jellies mixed with vanilla custard gelato in a choc-topped waffle cone, with freeze-dried raspberries sprinkled on top. 

The other dessert I tried was ‘Shake ‘n’ Fry’ which was a raspberry jam doughnut topped with vanilla custard gelato and accompanied with a salted caramel popcorn milkshake. The doughnut was in all honesty, lovely but not the best, but the rich, creamy, salty, popcorn-y milkshake was incredible. 


*puts thumb between teeth* its a metaphor, you see. you have the power to quarrel, but can choose not to


Flavored Lemonades

I absolutely LOVE lemonades and fresh fruit.  I went to this wonderful cafe, Ms. Dahlia’s Cafe, with one of my best friends in Brooklyn.  I had the best cucumber lemonade in life!  I immediately went on the hunt to find a recipe.  in my search, I came across a great blog, A Beautiful Mess, that has some amazing recipes for lemonades.  I had to share.  So here you go, enjoy, and I WILL POST MY OWN CREATIONS…after the snow melts.